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SAF – Working for efficient and sustainable agriculture

Committed to productivity, the environment and benefitting our farmers

SAF – Technology meets craftsmanship

We install, use and interpret sensors on the basis of the knowledge acquired in more than 500 fields

We offer solutions based on the installation of “Smart Water Points” for the monitoring of the soil water and climatic parameters.

Supply the water that is needed at the precise time and optimize irrigation water to your crops.
Get specific climate data for your fields. Determine periods where there is the risk of pests and diseases as well as the extent of degree days, hours of cold and risk of frost.
Provides knowledge of the spatial variability in your fields and facilitates management decisions in fertilization and irrigation of crops.
Data is displayed in real time on any device (computer, smartphone or tablet)

Visualization adapt to show solutions based on customers data and Decagon Devices sensors



Information if secure and easy-to-access

Monitoring is appropriate for management of all crops

We are specialists with

Table grapes

Olives and almonds (super-intensive)

Field crops

Horticultural crops

Subsurface drip irrigation

Fruit trees

Sensors installed

Smart water points


Cases of increased productivity


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SAF News

Monitorización en distintos tipos de riego del maíz

En el marco de la jornada técnica de referencia sobre experiencias de riego en parcelas de regadío organizada por la Oficina del regante de Tàrrega, SAF presentó los datos de la monitorización del agua del suelo en 3 parcelas demostrativas de maíz conducidas bajo...

Monitoritzación en acopios de astillas de biomasa

Con el objetivo de registrar la evolución de la humedad en acopios de astillas de biomasa acopiada en planta, se han instalado sensores en continuo usando la metodología de instalación y validación de SAF. Se han monitorizado dos acopios de astilla de distinto tamaño...