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Optimizes the dosage of irrigation specifically to the phenology of your crops


Increased the yield and quality of your crops


Efficient management of fertilizers


Provides data validation and registration for irrigation scheduling


Allows you to make safe decisions

Water solution – Smart Water Point

The expert system that helps farmers, technicians and agricultural advisers to make decisions on irrigation.

Smart Water Point adapts to all crops, management and irrigation systems, improving water management in professional irrigated agriculture.

Smart Water Point uses the best technology for continuous monitoring of your soils humidity with the aim of transforming data into useful information for irrigation management.

The software allows users to connect remotely to data concerning the current status of your soils humidity and irrigation.

Smart irrigation

For your crops


We are experienced in handling crops.

Installation, validation and interpretation of data is our specialty.


EWe are specialists in the installation and interpretation of these sensors.



DECAGON DEVICES: Best in the world for soil moisture sensors

Decagon Devices annually produces more than 10,000 soil moisture sensors. These sensors are used by researchers, technicians and farmers. Decagon produces different models to suit different soil types and field applications.




Data viewer designed specifically for professional agriculture

Data is displayed in real time on any device (computer, smartphone or tablet)

Access data from sensors and read weekly irrigation audits at any time

Visualization adapt to show solutions based on customers data and Decagon Devices sensors

• We have condensed the SAF experience into one device that can display data clearly and accessibly in order to provide more accurate and straightforward decision making


Sign in with your computer, smartphone or tablet. AG Zoom adapts to fit the device that best suits your needs

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